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Rum Truffles ★ Rumkugeln

Christmas truffles with a little bit of rum, anyone? These make a great addition for the ‘adult’ cookie plate :christmas_tree: The recipe is very easy and there’s no baking involved.

Gingerbread Cookies ★ vegan & gluten-free

Gluten-free, vegan, and somewhat healthy Christmas cookies! This last-minute recipe is delicious, easy and quick, so you can spend more time eating those little gingerbread men! You can also decorate them with some icing & sprinkles if you’d like.

Date Roll ★ Dattelwurst

A recipe with video for an austrian Christmas treat! No baking required and easy :) Chocolate, dried fruits & nuts make a delicious addition to your cookie plate! :christmas_tree:

Carrot - Banana Muffins

A nutritious easter (or year round) treat to enjoy! The ingredients are pantry-friendly (useful during these corona-quarantine-times), I always have frozen bananas at home and used it for this recipe! I just defrost them on low heat in the microwave.

Homemade Vegan Eggnog

A yummy easter treat to enjoy! This vegan eggnog recipe is very easy, quick to make and tastes delicious. Credits for this recipe to my mum! What’s your easter treat?

Bliss Balls ★ Marzipan

I’m someone who loves Marzipan, but since it’s usually very sweet, I like to have this healthier version. You can add a little bit of salt if you like. This is also a delicious treat for christmas, if you’re looking for some healthier treats :christmas_tree: