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Tiramisu ★ vegan

Vegan Tiramisu, anyone? This one is especially delicious and christmas-y because I used spekulatius cookies (my favorite store-bought christmas cookies). I really like to prepare this dessert if we’re having guests over, or to bring to friends and family. I can also happily confirm that an italian friend enjoyed it, so that’s a big plus :)

Bliss Balls ★ Marzipan

I’m someone who loves Marzipan, but since it’s usually very sweet, I like to have this healthier version. You can add a little bit of salt if you like. This is also a delicious treat for christmas, if you’re looking for some healthier treats :christmas_tree:

Rum Truffles ★ Rumkugeln

Christmas truffles with a little bit of rum, anyone? These make a great addition for the ‘adult’ cookie plate :christmas_tree: The recipe is very easy and there’s no baking involved.

Date Roll ★ Dattelwurst

A recipe with video for an austrian Christmas treat! No baking required and easy :) Chocolate, dried fruits & nuts make a delicious addition to your cookie plate! :christmas_tree: